In case you missed them, these were our most popular blog posts of 2015. Posts on social media are always popular and they topped this list this year.  Our post popular was about the social media team at the Gathering. I interviewed members of the team and got a glimpse of what the gathering looked […]

The Northeastern Iowa Synod has joined with other synods to create a Lent Photo a Day project.  What is a Photo a Day?  Each day in Lent, a word with a prayer is shared and others are invited to share an image which reflects that word. For example, the word for Ash Wednesday is “Dust”. […]

The origins of blessing homes at Epiphany is difficult to pinpoint but it is associated with the coming of the Wiseman and the blessings they received as well as the blessings they left when they visited the home of  Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child. This tradition is an opportunity to gather with friends and […]

As you probably know by now, I am a relentless advocate for the role of social media in the life and ministry of the church. But what we are dealing with today, is a massive shift to a digital age that is bigger than social media. I have had some conversations with ELCA member and […]

On Reformation Sunday, October 25, 2015, churchgoers across the country are going to be on social media, sharing what is going on in church that day.   It is no coincidence that this is also Reformation Sunday.  One of the key tenants of the Reformation was getting the word out about God’s grace to everyone. […]

church council meetings

Church council meetings.  Love them?  Hate them?  Dread them? Be a Better Church Council Member One of the ways to have a better church council meeting is to be a better member of the church council and to help the rest of the members to be better council members. Most governing board meetings actually spend […]