Three international students, two from Namibia and one from Hungary, have been invited to travel with Northeastern Iowa Synod youth to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas this summer. Marian Torodis will be coming from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Republic of Namibia (ELCRN). Bishop Ernst GAMXAMUB from ELCRN was a guest of the Northeastern […]

Last week the Northeastern Iowa Synod was honored to host Bishop Ernst Gamxamub and Mr. Leonard de Vries, financial director of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCRN). Together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) and the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN-GELC), we share a companion synod relationship with the ELCRN. […]

The Northeastern Iowa Synod is hosting two young people from our Companion Synod in Namibia, Vaino Junias Kambungu and Hileni Nagula Nuuyuni.  Both are from the northern part of the country. Hileni lives in a town about the size of Mason City near the Angolan border.  Vaino is from a smaller rural town.   Vaino […]

Then an angel of the Lord said to Philip, ‘Get up and go towards the south to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.’ (This is a wilderness road.) So he got up and went.   Now there was an Ethiopian eunuch, a court official of the Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, in […]

About four years ago I began a journey down a road I didn’t expect to take.   While finishing my seminary education, I was asked to work in the archives at Wartburg Theological Seminary to catalog documents relating to the struggle for Namibian independence and the efforts in the United States that centered at WTS.  […]