On Saturday, September 19, a remarkable event took place involving international relationships.   For the sixth year, the Abdelkader Education Project held its international forum, “Why Emir Abd-el-Kader Matters in Today’s World”, which brought together education, business and culture. Who was Abd-el-Kader, you may ask?  Abd-el-Kader was an Algerian “Sharif” religious and military leader who […]

There really was a King (or Duke) Wenceslas—though his life is shrouded in history and legend. He lived from 907-929 AD in what was known as Bohemia and is now the Czech Republic. It was a dark and violent time. Most people still worshiped a variety of tribal pagan gods. Many of the nobles in Bohemia were opposed […]

So lets’ be honest about the history of Lutherans in America. It’s a rather cantankerous one.  Lots of church fights and splits over matters that, although now they make us scratch our heads, were extremely important to people at the time. One of those church breakups happened in Decorah in 1889 when a dispute over […]