The weekend before Christmas I got the call that my father was dying. A winter storm had already begun and there was no way anyone from the family would be able to travel to the assisted living center where he was. My mother normally lives with Dad but she was two blocks away staying […]

Dr. Tamás Fabiny is the bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary, our companion synod.  He writes: A few weeks ago a frightening video appeared on the internet. A Hungarian truck was driving on a French highway with many refugees walking by the road. In the next moment, the driver – while cursing heavily […]

Pastor Mike Massa wrote this for the pastor who followed him.  It is a wonderful gift to actually leave a congregation when you leave. Blessings to you on this wonderful day. As your predecessor at Immanuel, I am giving you a very precious gift on this special day. I promise before God and before my […]

The following article by Alison Northrup was published in the January Newsletter of Zion St. John Lutheran in Sheffield: When I was younger, I was a picky eater. To be fair, the incident I’m about to describe involved eating lamb brains at an age when I still enjoyed the show Lamb Chop’s Play-Along. I was […]

When my mom’s youngest brother was a little boy, they attended a church that used to pass Communion around in the pews in a similar fashion to that of the offering plate.  One particular Sunday, the offering plates had already been passed around the congregation and it was time for Communion.  As they began passing […]


Pr. Judy Converse serving at First Lutheran Church in Northwood has only just returned from a conference on Stewardship.  Here are her musings:   During the last couple days of July, two church friends and I attended the Rethinking Stewardship Conference at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Sandwiched between great worship at the beginning […]