The way I think about God is shaped by what I’ve learned about the inspiration for Martin Luther’s famous hymn, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” I’ve sometimes heard people discuss this hymn in a romantic sort of way, speculating that as time passed Luther looked back nostalgically on the security he had experienced while […]

We pray for Mothers everywhere…. For mothers of young children that they may nurture and raise their children to be good and faithful people in the world. For mothers of older children that they may have the wisdom to know when to help their children hang on to their roots and when to spread their […]

The ancient church taught that on Holy Saturday Christ stormed the gates of hell to free all the righteous, beginning with Adam and Eve. The following is an ancient sermon from an anonymous priest that expresses this promise of Easter:  If Hell is the place of total darkness and absence from God, Jesus’ invasion of it shows there […]