Back in February, we wrote about the differences between a Facebook Page and Facebook Group, Should your Congregation have a Facebook Page or Group? So let’s say you have your Congregation Facebook Page and now are looking at ways to use a Facebook group. Here are some ways you can use a group: Online Bible […]


I am very pleased and excited by the number of congregations in our synod who now are using Facebook and other social media for outreach and community building. Some congregations have created groups on Facebook instead of a page.  Some congregations have both a page and a group.  And some are unsure about the difference […]

This is an issue I have been running across lately.  Someone creates a Facebook page for the congregation and then leaves, loses interest, neglects and abandons it and no one else can get into the page.  Sometimes someone has less than holy reasons for creating a Facebook page for the church and are posting things […]


One of my biggest frustrations in parish ministry was trying to get people to come to Bible Study.   I remained convinced that studying scripture together is an essential component to congregational renewal.  My experience was that if you asked people, they were all for the idea of having Bible Studies.  But very few people […]

Consider these stats from the Pew Research Center: • 57% of all American adults are on Facebook • 73% of those aged 12-17 are on Facebook • 64% of those on Facebook visit Facebook daily • Half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends What might these facts mean for outreach in […]


One of the critiques I hear about social media is that it is interfering with our ability to connect with others.  This comes from studies and observations that we no longer connect the way we did in earlier times (sitting on your front porch or visiting with neighbors over the backyard fence) and somehow social […]


  Meredith Gould, author of The Social Media Gospel and one to whom we should play close attention  whenever she speaks on Social Media, advises over and over that churches need to have an overall strategy when it comes to Social Media. What are we trying to accomplish?  Who are we trying to reach?  What […]