That was my main takeaway when I attended Digital Summit, a digital marketing conference in Dallas last week. I believe it would be a good idea for pastors to attend these kinds of events for continuing education once in a while.   We’ve probably all had enough bible and theology classes for a while.  It’s […]

If you’ve managed to miss news of the latest craze of the Pokémon GO game app, you may be perplexed by the sight of people slowing down in front of your church, lingering in the parking lot or even standing outside with their phones as though taking photos. If you do see this sight in […]

This past Sunday, Lady Gaga posted this photo of her priest on her Facebook page and wrote this: “Thank you Father Duffell for a beautiful homily as always and lunch at my pop’s restaurant. I was so moved today when you said.. “The Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect but the food that […]

When it comes to social media, I begin with three assumptions: 1)  Social Media is a good thing. Whether or not this is true is moot.  Social media is a thing and it is here to stay.  2)  Social Media IS real life. Real people are on social media.  Real relationships are created and sustained […]