Ferguson is closer than you think. This is what I take away from my weekend in Ferguson. Last Wednesday night as I had watched the events in Ferguson unfold I had a very clear and bold feeling that I needed to go to Ferguson. I wanted to be a witness. I wanted to be a […]

 Reposted with permission from Roger Gustafson Bishop Central States Synod This Sunday four Central States Synod staffers will preach in various churches in the St. Louis area, and I’m asking for your prayers, that we might find the words to give life to the Word in this volatile place. We have one church in Ferguson […]

 “And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars..”  Matthew 24:6 The past few weeks have brought disturbing headlines of children kept in detention on the border, escalating hostilities between Israel and Palestine and the downing of a passenger jet as a result of civil unrest in the Ukraine. How do Christians respond to […]