Lucy Our Lady of Guadelupe

This week we celebrate commemorations that, while representing very different cultures, tell the same story of Incarnation—of God becoming flesh and dwelling among us.  They tell of how God comes to us in the poor and ordinary and brings light into darkness. These two celebrations are Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, and Santa […]


Lutherans have always observed Lent.  If you’ve always been a Lutheran you may take this for granted.  If you are new to Lutheranism you may wonder what this is all about.  There are things about the history and meaning of Lent that may be new to both longtime and newish Lutherans. Lent is not unique […]


As printed in the January STAR Throughout this year we will be celebrating the Gospel, using the witness of Martin Luther as a symbol of how that Gospel transforms individuals and the church. The Gospel is woven into what Dr. Luther said and wrote. There are several phrases of Luther’s theology that exemplify this and […]

Celebrating Renewal

As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, congregations and synods are asking each other, “What are you doing to mark the occasion?” The Northeastern Iowa Synod answered this question in 2014 when the Synod Council voted to adopt a 6-year plan called “Celebrating Renewal”.  Because the reformation was more than one […]


In 2014 Synod Council approved theme for the next 6 years called “Celebrating Renewal”, which lifts up characteristics of past church leaders which will help us move toward the future.   2015 we celebrated “Bold Leadership” and the example of Jan Hus. This year we celebrate Service and the example of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. […]


I wrote this for my personal blog a few years ago.  In 2012, Living Lutheran reposted it.  Here it is again.  For those who prefer a less sentimental Valentine’s Day.  The truth is, we know nothing for sure about anybody named Valentine other than he was martyred, like many other early Christians, on Feb. 14 […]


by Marcia Hahn Reposted from the January 2015 STAR This year marks the 600th anniversary of the execution of Jan Hus, a Czech priest, and reformer who believed that scripture, instead of the Pope, should be used as the most important authority of the church. Hus’ beliefs echoed those expressed by John Wycliffe, a reformer […]