This week we celebrate commemorations that, while representing very different cultures, tell the same story of Incarnation—of God becoming flesh and dwelling among us.  They tell of how God comes to us in the poor and ordinary and brings light into darkness. These two celebrations are Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, and Santa […]

In the Northeastern Iowa Synod December, STAR, I talk about how pastors and leaders can do more with their digital ministry and outreach by posting a message about Christmas on their website. This time of the year there is a spike in the number of people googling “the meaning of Christmas”.   If you are a […]

Christmas is the time of the year when people feel especially generous and want to help others in need.  People often think of children and want to ensure that children receive gifts during this time of the year. That desire to bring Christmas joy to children may lead some congregations into participating in non-ELCA organization […]

There really was a King (or Duke) Wenceslas—though his life is shrouded in history and legend. He lived from 907-929 AD in what was known as Bohemia and is now the Czech Republic. It was a dark and violent time. Most people still worshiped a variety of tribal pagan gods. Many of the nobles in Bohemia were opposed […]

And the Word became Flesh and Dwelt Among us! (John 1:14) The Northeastern Iowa Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America  invites you to worship at one of our Congregations this Christmas To download a PDF file of this list  Allison: St. James Lutheran Church 485 Main St, Allison Christmas Eve:  6:30 pm Luther […]

At the risk of stating the obvious, Advent and Christmas can be a little crazy-making for pastors and other church leaders. Some of it cannot be helped; there is usually more to do, more services to plan, more sermons to write, and more places where we are expected to be. But it can be managed. […]