The way I think about God is shaped by what I’ve learned about the inspiration for Martin Luther’s famous hymn, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” I’ve sometimes heard people discuss this hymn in a romantic sort of way, speculating that as time passed Luther looked back nostalgically on the security he had experienced while […]

 A Mighty Fortress     is more than brick and stone. A Mighty Fortress is the fierce loyalty of a friend that defeats the cruelty we often impose upon ourselves. A Mighty Fortress is a shield of grace against the spears of judgment this world hurls. A Mighty Fortress is a tender love that provides […]

This Reformation Sunday we are inviting congregations in our synod to reflect on what it means to sing A Mighty Fortress is Our God. The hymn, based on Psalm 46, was written by Martin Luther to interpret the psalm and help believers apply it to the struggles of their own lives.  This Reformation we are […]