In the Northeastern Iowa Synod December, STAR, I talk about how pastors and leaders can do more with their digital ministry and outreach by posting a message about Christmas on their website. This time of the year there is a spike in the number of people googling “the meaning of Christmas”.   If you are a […]

Seasons of preparation like Advent and Lent are good times to use social media to help people connect the times of the church with their everyday lives. Two congregations in our synod, Good Shepherd in Decorah, and St. James in Mason City are using social media in different ways to help remind people that Advent […]

At our 2015 Synod Assembly in June, the Northeastern Iowa Synod celebrated the successful completion of our participation in the ELCA Malaria Campaign, where we far surpassed our goal of raising $250,000, and gave a whopping total of $474,660.22. It’s clear the people of the Northeastern Iowa Synod are generous and have a heart to […]

 Pastors and other rostered leaders and their families can be vulnerable to stress and burn out, particularly at this time of the year with Advent and Christmas activities, finance and budget meetings and preparations for annual meetings. The Northeastern Iowa Synod recognizes this and offers four different sites for an opportunity to get away, relax […]

Advent begins on the Sunday closest to the commemoration of St. Andrew (November 30) and provides a season of four full weeks before Christmas.  The First Sunday in Advent begins the new church year.  The color is blue, symbolizing hope and anticipation. The history of Advent as a season of preparation for the celebration of […]

At the risk of stating the obvious, Advent and Christmas can be a little crazy-making for pastors and other church leaders. Some of it cannot be helped; there is usually more to do, more services to plan, more sermons to write, and more places where we are expected to be. But it can be managed. […]