Guest Post by Lutheran Student Center Campus Minister, Jon Fry. How can you connect with Campus Ministry?   In Fall of 2011 I met a pastor who invited me to come check out campus ministry at the University of Northern Iowa. All it took was an email and a personal invitation. Little did I know […]

Coco is a student at Wartburg Theological Seminary. She graduated from Wartburg College.  She did an internship one summer with the Northeastern Iowa Synod.  She was the youth director at St. John in Nashua and before that a member of WYLDE. A generous gift of $10,000 to the H. George Anderson Fund for Leaders from […]

Three international students, two from Namibia and one from Hungary, have been invited to travel with Northeastern Iowa Synod youth to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas this summer. Marian Torodis will be coming from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Republic of Namibia (ELCRN). Bishop Ernst GAMXAMUB from ELCRN was a guest of the Northeastern […]

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is a time for Christians all over the world to pray for the unity of the church. This week first came about because of a conversation between Father James Paul Wattson, an American Episcopalian Priest (who later converted to Roman Catholicism) and an English clergyman, Rev Spencer Jones.   […]

You wouldn’t think of Elkader, Iowa as a center for fostering interfaith dialogue and a better understanding of Islam. And yet, in 1845 its founder, land developer Timothy Davis decided to name the town after Abd el-Kader, a religious and military leader who led the fight for Algerian independence. Although his story is not well […]

The earth and her creatures are besieged by storms and fire in our own country and around the world.  Those who are dealing with disasters directly are overwhelmed either with preparing for coming storms or fires, or cleaning up and recovering from storms and fires.  Those safe from disasters are also overwhelmed by images of […]