“Through Called Forward Together in Christ, we have been asking what it means to be Lutheran and how we express this in today’s world. We have learned we aren’t as good as we could be in giving a clear answer to that question. We speak about grace, about our work in advocacy, about the relief […]


“Service” is the theme of this year’s Synod Assembly and our role model is Elizabeth of Hungary.  As Wartburg College President Darrel Colson said when he welcomed us to the campus, “Martin Luther and Elizabeth of Hungary are two residents of Wartburg Castle that we remember with affection” (To learn more about Elizabeth of Hungary […]


When we think of the work of ELCA World Hunger, we usually think of all the hungry overseas who are fed with our gifts. What you may not be aware of is how many hungry people are fed in this country through the work of our own congregations. The ELCA World Hunger-funded Domestic Hunger Grants […]


Every year, Lutheran Services in Iowa, with a grant from ELCA World Hunger, sponsors this day of education and advocacy. Once again Lutherans from all over Iowa joined together to advocate for families and children in Iowa at the State Capitol. Northeastern Iowa Synod members boarded the bus in Waverly and Nazareth Lutheran in Cedar […]


  Since the reformation, the rift between Catholics and Protestants has been wide. The divide continued into death, as Catholics and Protestants were not buried together.  The tomb of this Protestant husband and Roman wife are separated by a wall as they were not allowed to be buried in the same cemetery.  And yet, their […]


In case you missed them, these were our most popular blog posts of 2015. Posts on social media are always popular and they topped this list this year.  Our post popular was about the social media team at the Gathering. I interviewed members of the team and got a glimpse of what the gathering looked […]


On Saturday, September 19, a remarkable event took place involving international relationships.   For the sixth year, the Abdelkader Education Project held its international forum, “Why Emir Abd-el-Kader Matters in Today’s World”, which brought together education, business and culture. Who was Abd-el-Kader, you may ask?  Abd-el-Kader was an Algerian “Sharif” religious and military leader who […]