Guest Post by Pastor Mark Anderson, Assistant to the Bishop A man from our synod works hard ­— full time as a farm laborer or what some would call a hired hand — on a nearby farm. His wife stays home with their six children, plus the two they have taken in. They live much […]

This coming August voting members of the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly will vote on “Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Lutheran Call to Action,”  a proposed Social Statement on Women and Justice. In response to memorials from several synods, the 2009 Churchwide Assembly authorized development of a social statement on Women and Justice.   In accordance […]

Three years ago Pastor Jeff Ungs, Director of Evangelical Mission of the Western Iowa Synod, brought a gift of 100 flood recovery buckets during the flood in Greene, Clarksville, and Shell Rock. The next summer the Northeastern Iowa Synod collected 300 buckets during the Synod Assembly. They only stayed in storage a few weeks until […]

What is Cultivating Vitality? Cultivating Vitality is an opportunity to work in partnership with the Northeastern Iowa Synod and other congregations to grow in discipleship through training, prayer and support.   Is this another One-Size-Fits-All program from Churchwide? No.  Cultivating Vitality is a two-year process that brings together congregation members and rostered ministers to learn […]

  Guest Post by Pastor Erika Kielstrup, St. Paul, Monona October 27-November 3 I was in Wittenberg, Germany with 19 women who were pastors, deacons, and lay leaders from the United States, Serbia, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Palestine, Latvia and Canada for the 7th ELCA International Women’s Seminar. The Reverend Kit Kleinhans, formerly of […]

A few weeks ago congregations should have received their ELCA World Hunger Fall Action Guide for Congregations. This is a handy resource that belongs on your “Open right away” list. This packet is a valuable collection of resources to tell the story of the work of the church in feeding the hungry. Nearly all the […]