As congregations and church leaders have discovered, social media is a quick and efficient way to disseminate information.  The flip side of the speed and reach of information is that sometimes inaccurate and personal information can be spread as well. Therefore, congregations need to have consistent and well-known policies in place when it comes to […]


In late August Decorah, Spillville, Elkader, and surrounding areas were hit with heavy rains that caused flash flooding. The onslaught was swift and unexpected but Northeastern Iowa Synod congregation leaders and members were just as swift to respond with shelter, food, volunteers as well as working with Lutheran Services in Iowa to develop a relief […]

Social Media Sunday

I know, Fall arrived sooner than you were ready and there were Rally Day and God’s Work our Hands Day, and a new Bible Study starting up and plans for the Fall Supper and Bazaar.  And last year you thought you’d do something really elaborate for Social Media Sunday, but here it is coming up […]


For more and more folks, email is the preferred method of communication. You may already find that many of your members choose to receive their newsletters by e-mail when given that option. You are probably sending them the regular print edition in a PDF form.  This is not the best way to communicate your news.  […]

Social Media Sunday

Last year on Reformation Sunday, Northeastern Iowa Synod members joined thousands of churchgoers across the country (and Canada) to check in, tweet, post, and Instagram what was happening at their churches. This year, on September 25, we hope to have even more participate in Social Media Sunday. Social Media Sunday began in 2013 with Carolyn […]


If you’ve managed to miss news of the latest craze of the Pokémon GO game app, you may be perplexed by the sight of people slowing down in front of your church, lingering in the parking lot or even standing outside with their phones as though taking photos. If you do see this sight in […]


When I came on board as Director for Evangelical Mission at the Northeastern Iowa Synod, I was all about Social Media.  Social media is the new mission field and we need to be there, “showing ‘em Jesus” in the midst of that world as well as everywhere else we are called to bring the good […]