What is Cultivating Vitality?

Cultivating Vitality is an opportunity to work in partnership with the Northeastern Iowa Synod and other congregations to grow in discipleship through training, prayer and support.


Is this another One-Size-Fits-All program from Churchwide?

No.  Cultivating Vitality is a two-year process that brings together congregation members and rostered ministers to learn and grow together.  The process focuses on the Great Commandment – “Love God and Love Your Neighbor” and the Great Commission “Make Disciples.”


Is this a fundraising program?

No.  It does involve stewardship training and opportunities to share ideas with other congregations for growing in generosity.


Is this a new program to get new members or increase worship attendance?

No.  It does include training to help congregation members share their faith stories and provide opportunities to work with other congregations in discovering new ways to show hospitality.


Can just one Rostered Minister in the congregation participate?

No.  Each congregation will form a team made up of congregational members, leaders and rostered ministers.  The congregation votes to participate so the plan involves EVERY member.


Does participation involve implementing required programs by the Synod?

No.  Congregations and rostered ministers commit to prayer, Bible study, and willingness to make the necessary changes to further the mission of the church.

What are these “necessary changes”?

That’s up to you!

The purpose of the program is for each congregation to develop plans and goals to further your mission in your community and congregation.  You decide what needs to change and what needs to happen.  This process provides training, support and prayer to help you implement the plans and changes you want to make.


How do we become involved?

  1. Call Pastor Joelle Colville Hanson at the Synod Office

  2. Pastor Joelle visits with congregation council to explain the process and answer questions. The council votes as to whether or not they want to present the process to the congregation.  The plan does not go forward without the support of the council and rostered ministers.

  3. Pastor Joelle comes to the congregation to preach or lead a forum or both, explaining the process. Congregation votes to participate. They can vote that day or at a later time. This way participation insures the full support of the entire congregation.

Pastor Joelle is available after Easter to come to your congregation council.  Just give her a call!

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