Ezter Andó is from our Companion Synod Hungary and  will be serving this summer at EWALU as a part of the ELCA’s international Counselor Program.

Learn more about her in her own words:

My name is Eszter Andó.

I was born on the 3rd of November, 1993, in Veszprém, Hungary. I am the only child of my parents who have already retired. My father (age 72) is a geologist and my mother (age 64) is an office worker. I was christened in 1994 in Balatonakali, under the Lutheran religion. I had a really beautiful childhood. I loved the nature, animals and humans from the beginning. At the age of six I started learning to play piano and it turned out soon, that I had a talent in music and in arts too. As the years passed I learned a lot of music and science too. Biology and music became my favourite subjects. I played the piano in the church on sacred holidays, and also participated in piano and choir competitions. Nowadays I do clerk duty in Balatonakali, when I have time for it.

At my free time I am participating in a rock band as a vocalist and piano player.


I studied in Vetési Albert High School at faculty of biology. During these 5 years I learned a lot about human health, animals, plants and the environment too. In my classmates’ opinion I was a kind, happy, always smiley and helpful person, and I realized that I really liked paying attention to my sorroundings. Therefore I decided to teach.

Five years ago I’ve started my university studies in Eötvös Loránd University in biology-geography teaching. So I’ve learned and experienced a lot about different age groups. Besides my studies I do sports, I’ve been learning self-defence since 2015. One year later my coach told me that there would be trainings for children too. She asked me if I would like to help with this project. I think she found me reliable for this role. Since then I’ve been helping her. So I have a great time with really small kids and also with 8-12 years old children.

I like these occasions because I can get to know different people, furthermore I learn how to handle them and how to have fun with them.

In my last semester I’ve teached in Erzsébet Szilágyi High School. It was only 15 lessons and some class visits. I taught geography to 14-year-old children. They were really kind to me and we discussed everything that came up.  It was a very instructive teamwork. My tutor-teacher said that I was easy-going with them but I was able to be strict as well.

I feel myself free when I can be with younger people.

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I love teaching and I like doing my best in it. I think it is important for the kids to have a guide to follow. In my opinion, besides the physical health it’s important to have tidiness, stillness and harmony in their mind and soul too. I think faith is essential for young people (and for adults too). Confession in themselves, and confession in God, who is inside of them.

So as a student training to become a teacher I already have experience in childcare but I would like to gain work experience in an international environment as well. Besides I would like to improve my language and communication skills.

Note: The ELCA INTERNATIONAL CAMP COUNSELOR PROGRAM  provides camps with counselors from partner churches in other parts of the world.  Summer camp participants gain an experience in global education.  Young adults from partner churches receive an opportunity to do ministry in the United States and return home with newideas and a better understanding of the world.

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