Throughout this year, the theme of this Synod’s events and publications will be “bold leadership.”  Today I write to thank you for the “bold leadership” that you have shown in stewardship last year.
Mission Support from congregations to the Northeastern Iowa Synod increased again in fiscal 2014 and the cost of Synod administration came in under budget thanks to the watchful eyes of the staff.  This has resulted in the third year in a row we have been able to reach toward our challenge goals.

What does this mean?

  • 41.179% of mission support
    was shared with churchwide, 1.179% above the anticipated budget amount
  • ELCA Colleges &
    Universities, $1,125 more than anticipated budget amount
  • Iowa Lutheran Campus
    Ministry, $3,615 more than anticipated
  • Lutheran Services in Iowa,
    $9,290 more than anticipated
  • ELCA Seminaries, $20,970 more
    than anticipated
Of course, this is due to the generosity of individuals and congregations in our synod. However, I know that this level of generosity is also due to the bold leadership of those leaders faithfully serving in our synod and I thank you for ministry.
To continue the great work of our mission you can make an online donation to the Annual Fund here:


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About The Rev. Dr. Joelle Colville-Hanson

The Rev. Dr. Joelle Colville-Hanson has been Director for Evangelical Mission, ELCA for the Northeastern Iowa Synod since late 2013. Part of her job description is to help leaders and congregations use social media and other digital means for outreach and mission. She writes and edits this blog as well as runs the social media accounts for the synod.




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