The Northeastern Iowa Synod has joined with other synods to create a Lent Photo a Day project.  What is a Photo a Day?  Each day in Lent, a word with a prayer is shared and others are invited to share an image which reflects that word.

For example, the word for Ash Wednesday is “Dust”.  You are invited to share a photo, artwork, poem, or even an article or link that reflects the image of “Dust”.  Post this on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or a video on YouTube) with the hashtag #Dust and/or #lent2015.

If you have never used hashtags before this is a fun way to get started.  When you add a hashtag (#) to a word or words (but no spaces between words) it creates a clickable link.  When you click that hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can see every post with that hashtag.

Many Lenten disciplines involve reading and more “left brain” activities.  This is a Lenten discipline to engage our visual and creative gifts.  This is a great activity to engage your youth.  Share this photo on your Facebook page and even web pages to invite others to join us in “A Witness Through These 40 days”.

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