We are living in a time of fear and ignorance surrounding our Muslim neighbors.

Here are some resources to help address questions or concerns about Islam that may come up in your congregations:

My Neighbor is Muslim: Exploring the Muslim Faith is a new resource developed by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and written by Luther College and Luther Seminary professors that will help build understanding about Islam.

It is available free from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.

The Abdelkader Education Project in Elkader has many resources and opportunities to learn more about Islam.

In 2012, Discover Islam – USA generously offered ELCA members and leaders complimentary copies of their six-disc DVD series titled, “Discover Islam.”

This series, endorsed by the Islamic Society of North America, can be previewed at www.discoverislam.com and complimentary copies can be ordered at www.discoverislam.com/elca.

A Center for Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago  has many resources.

Download Bishop Eaton’s Letter to Muslim-American Community

ELCA Resources Christian-Jewish and Christian-Muslim Relations

Along with learning about Islam, taking the next step and actually meeting Muslim people can go a long way in combating fears and prejudices.

The Northeastern Iowa Synod Jubilee Conference will be meeting with an Imam at their January meeting.  What are some ways you can make those connections in your community?

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