This Reformation Sunday we are inviting congregations in our synod to reflect on what it means to sing A Mighty Fortress is Our God.

The hymn, based on Psalm 46, was written by Martin Luther to interpret the psalm and help believers apply it to the struggles of their own lives.  This Reformation we are inviting synod members to take a deeper look at this great hymn and consider its relevance to our lives today.

In order to bring us all together in this theme, throughout the month of October we are encouraging members and congregations to use social media with the hashtag #Amightyfortress.  

Each week we will take a different theme from the hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God.   You are invited to post a thought, quote, essay, poem, art or photo of your understanding of that theme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Be sure to use the hashtag #Amightyfortress, or the hashtag for that theme, or both if you have room.

Week 1: October 1-8

What does God, a mighty fortress in your life, look like?  #Amightyfortress

Week 2: October 9-15

What does it mean today to say that God breaks the cruel oppressor’s rod in the world today?  #breaktherod

Week 3: October 16-23

What are the weapons of the Spirit you see God using to fight for you?  #weaponsofspirit

Week 4: October 24-31

Post your favorite YouTube version of A Mighty Fortress is Our God or a video of you or your choir singing the hymn with the hashtag #Amightyfortress.  

Sunday, October 26 

Tell all your friends on social media you are at church on Reformation Sunday.  Tweet the sermon.  Take a selfie of you singing A Mighty Fortress is Our God, or a picture from the hymnal or bulletin.  Remember to use #Amightyfortress and if there is room also use #ELCA to let the rest of the church know what we are doing.

*Why is a (#) hashtag important?  Whatever word you put a “#” in front of on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it becomes a clickable link that allows people to find all the posts with that hashtag.  It helps bring us all together in our celebration of the good news of God’s grace and love embracing us as “A Mighty Fortress.”

We will share all your photos and posts with the hashtag #Amightyfortress on the synod Facebook page and retweet your #Amightyfortress tweets. 

Our friends in our Companion Synod of Hungary are planning to join us.  Watch for more news about that in our E-Letters, Facebook and Twitter.

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