The Lutheran Youth Organization is getting a makeover!



We want to empower and equip youth of the Northeastern Iowa Synod to be leaders in their congregations so congregations can have the best youth ministry they are able to have. In order to achieve this, we have changed the structure of the LYO.  This is not a new network, but simply a new strategy for an existing network.  It was previously called the LYO Leadership Team and now will be called the LYO Network or LYON.

It will focus on teaching leadership skills to those youth interested in being part of this network. We will continue to have monthly meetings. Each meeting will have three components: Bible study, conversations around their own personal life and ministry, and teaching on leadership skills.

LYON will still help with the Middle School Lock In that is held in October. We are also looking at still having a high school event in the late winter/early spring. More information will be coming on that soon.

After each monthly meeting, an email will be sent out to pastors and/or youth workers of those students involved letting them know what was discussed and how they can help those youth incorporate those ideas in their congregations.

The leadership skills and topics will include: How to invite others, what is personal stewardship, how to use social media, what does a personal devotional life look like, how to write and lead a Bible study, how to plan an event, how to lead prayer and pray in public, how to pray for someone, encouraging others, connecting church to the community, how to plan a service project and more.

All youth in grades 9-12 (starting in the 2014-2015 school year) are eligible to be part of this network. A Network Responsibility Description and sign up form are available on the website for youth to sign up to be part of this network. We are asking that those interested, sign up by August 15th.

Deb Bachman
Youth Coordinator at Zion Lutheran Church
Coordinator of Youth and Family Ministries at Northeastern Iowa Synod 

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