So you have a church Facebook page, a twitter account and you even got started on Instagram.  But what about Pinterest?

The popularity of Pinterest has grown exponentially in the past few years, but churches have been slow to take advantage of it.  I think this is unfortunate because Pinterest is a great way to connect members through shared interests, share resources and inspire creativity.


What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is something like a virtual bulletin board that allows users to pin their favorite ideas, websites, images and resources in various categories which they can then share with others.  You can peruse and pin items from boards of other Pinterest members, as well as directly from the internet.  You can create and name boards to organize your pins by categories.

Here are some suggestions for boards your congregation could have on Pinterest:



Collect and pin artwork depicting biblical stories. You can use these to inspire and illustrate sermons, bible studies and confirmation classes.  On our synod Pinterest profile we have boards with artwork from nearly every story in the bible.

Liturgical Art

Collect and share ideas for decorating the church for different seasons.  See our boards for examples.

Ideas for Vacation Bible School and Sunday School,  or Christmas Programs

Find and save ideas for crafts, themes, decorating ideas, costumes, and even snacks.

Generate Excitement for Events

Pin visual reminders of upcoming events.  Here is an example from First Lutheran in Onalaska, Wisconsin


There are lots of memes with inspirational and biblical sayings.  A collection of these can be source of encouragement to your members as well as the whole Pinterest community.

Tell the story of your congregation with photos from activities

Here is an example from St. Mark Lutheran, Baltimore 

Or do a “Year in Review”  like Zion Lutheran in Buffalo, Minnesota


You could collect recipes for church potlucks, Easter breakfasts or brunches, or encourage healthy meals


Resources for education about Mission and other social ministry causes your church supports

Are you supporting a missionary?  Create a board for them with news about their work, as well as information about the country where they are serving.

Recommended Books, Movies or Music
Collect published online articles about your church
What to do and see in your local community

One of the great features of Pinterest is that people can share boards and you can have several people pin to one board.

Our Church Potluck board is shared by many individuals and organizations.   So you can have all your Sunday School teachers who are on Pinterest share Christian Education resources on one board.

The chances are you have more than a few people in your congregation on Pinterest.  If you invite them to share your congregation board it will show up on their profile and everyone who visits their boards will see your congregation board.  You have just increased your outreach with very little effort.

How to Join Pinterest

Pinterest is technically still available by invite only.  Usually when you sign up you get an email invitation right away.  If there is a delay, email me  ( and I will send you an invitation.

Is your congregation on Pinterest?  How are you using it?

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  1. Brilliant idea about showing congregational life – I have plenty of photos for that! Never thought to use Pinterest beyond planning for VBS Decorating and planning, seasonal ideas and photo-a-day challenges during Advent and Lent. I guess I'll need to set up an account for my church (as if I need another social media account to manage – but perhaps I can find an enthusiastic pinner in my congregation who would be willing to do it)

  2. My guess would be you can find pinterest enthusiasts in just about any congregation.


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