In my opinion, as Lutherans we are much too shy about asking people for money.

But if there is one thing we are worse at it is thanking people for their gifts.  An end of year tax receipt is not the same as a thank you note, a phone call, or a celebration.
 This 50 minute workshop helps to create a congregational climate of donor appreciation by training the pastor and stewardship committee to effectively express gratitude to donors. The group is also invited to “brainstorm” ways of thanking that are appropriate to their own context.
Now for a joke… While shaking hands with the pastor after worship, Mrs. Jones noticed that he had a rather bad cut on his face.
“Why pastor, what happened? How did you cut your face?” she asked.
“Well, I was thinking about my sermon this morning while I was shaving,” the pastor replied. “I guess I wasn’t concentrating and cut myself in the process.”
“That’s too bad,” Mrs. Jones replied. “Next time you should concentrate on your shaving and cut your sermon.”
Pastor Mark Anderson
Assistant to the Bishop

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