We pray for Mothers everywhere….

For mothers of young children that they may nurture
and raise their children to be good and faithful people in the world.

For mothers of older children that they may have the wisdom
to know when to help their children hang on to their roots
and when to spread their wings.

For mothers of grown children that they may feel satisfaction in a job well done.

On this day we remember mothers of children in war-torn countries
mothers of children where disaster or famine has struck
and mothers who fear for their children’s safety
that they may find food for their children
justice for their families
and peace for their souls.

We also lift up those for whom this day is painful
mothers whose children are missing
mothers whose children have died

mothers who have entrusted others to raise their child
mothers who have lost children to miscarriage
mothers who have had abortions
mothers who have lost custody of their children
and mothers whose children have disappointed them.

We pray for those who wish to have children but have none
that they may be filled by God.

We pray, too, for all motherless children
children whose mothers have abused or abandoned them
and for all those whose mothers have recently died.

For all the good experiences of motherhood, we thank and praise you Lord.
We lift up to you for healing all the painful experiences of motherhood.

Written by Pastor Joelle Colville-Hanson, Director for Evangelical Mission, ELCA.  You have permission to use or adapt this prayer in whatever way that is helpful in your context.  Please provide credit if you reprint it.

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