So you know there is room for improvement in your congregation’s financial stewardship but you don’t know which of the many kinds of programs to use? Our friends at the ELCA in Stewardship have provided a very helpful tool to help congregational leaders wade through all the options.
If you are the pastor and need to jump start the Stewardship committee or if you are the chair of the Stewardship committee and don’t know what to do next this FREE download is exactly what you need.
This 38 page document begins with how to select leaders (p. 6-7); how to set goals(p. 8); how to select a response method (p. 9); Mission education (p. 10-11);Communication (p. 12); and Follow-up.
The next section describes the eight most common response methods
including each method’s philosophy, benefits, response rate, other
considerations and what context it works best in.
  • Commitment at Worship, p. 14-15
  • Relay, p. 16-17
  • Fellowship Meal, p. 18-20
  • Small Groups, p. 21-23
  • Mission Festival, p. 24-25
  • Special Event, p. 26-27

The basic directions for each of the eight methods are included as well as the necessary forms, scripts, etc. So, yes, the one FREE download could be used byany congregation to lay out one or even several years worth of Stewardship response programs.

You can get this FREE download at
By Pastor Mark Anderson
Assistant to the Bishop


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