The Celebrate Generosity Stewardship Program. This four-week annual stewardship response program created by Eugene Grimm focuses on the spiritual growth of the congregation.  Celebrate Generosity is designed to help people grow spiritually through:
  •  Growth in giving, including the prayerful deliberate growth toward or beyond a tithe.
  •  Growth in their understanding of stewardship.
  •  Growth in joyful celebration of the mission and ministry of their congregation.
  •  Discovery of a simple yet deliberate way to grow that nearly everyone can adopt.
  •  Measuring the increase accurately


The FREE download includes job descriptions for leaders like the pastor, prayer chair, general chair, financial secretary, etc.
The FREE download also includes worship themes, a timeline, intent forms and all of the other helpful tools you need to follow the simple step-by-step instructions. 
In many ways, this program is very similar to “Consecration Sunday.”  The program invites members to increase their giving by one dollar each week.  So, if a member is giving $50.00 a week the next Sunday they would give $51 and the next $52 and so on. 
You may download the entire project for FREE 
Pastor Mark Anderson
Assistant to the Bishop


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