This is the first fundraiser of any kind I have participated in where the donors said “thank you” to the church for holding it.  Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church
in Waverly, Iowa holds an annual scrap metal drive that is always very
People from both the church and community are encouraged to bring scrap metal including items made mostly of metal like appliances as well as used electronics like cellphones, flat screens, computers, etc.
The scrap metal dealer sets up shop in the church parking lot and pays the church for the weight of the items. Some bring hundreds of pounds as a generous donation but most are elderly who have one item they wish to be rid of.   The church will also pick up larger items at the donor’s home.
Benefit #1 the church collects a great deal of revenue.
Benefit #2 people are genuinely happy to get rid of the items without having to pay the fee charged by the local landfill.
Benefit #3 it is excellent stewardship of the environment to see
these items recycled.
Benefit #4 the church is seen in the community as being helpful.
By Pastor Mark Anderson, Assistant to the Bishop

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  1. I have always wanted to try working with scrap metal! Do you know if you can order scrap metal online? Also, how would you remove copper from scrap metal?

  2. There was a ton of scrap metal left in our backyard from my son’s “mechanic business” after he moved, I wasn’t sure what to do with. My neighbor suggested selling it to Joliet-U-Pull-It. I was pleasantly surprised with the great price I was able to get for scrap I thought was just garbage. Check out their website if you’re thinking about selling any scrap metal you have laying around

  3. Nice Info! Most of the people who has metal in bulk wants to sell it at the junk metal shop where they get reasonable price.

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