Did you know we have five YAGMs (Young Adults in Global Mission) serving in our Companion Synod in Hungary?

You can read more about our Companion Synod Relationship with Hungary at our website.  We have five YAGMs serving in Hungary this year.  You can see from the map above where they are serving.

We have come a long way from the days when “mission” pretty much meant a one-way, one-sided relationship with the assumption that one church (usually in the United States or Western Europe) would send missionaries to countries who were only seen as being on the receiving end of preaching, teaching, and resources.

In the last several years we have moved into a more holistic understanding of mission and a recognition that we as the Body of Christ have much to learn from other members of the Body from all over the world.  We like to use the word “accompaniment” when thinking of the relationship we have with others around the world. You can find more resources on this subject at the ELCA Companion Synod Page .

With this understanding of accompaniment, our Young Adults in Global Mission serve in Hungary, both sharing their gifts but also learning and receiving the gifts of the people in the communities where they live and serve.

All of our YAGMs in Hungary are keeping blogs that you can follow.  The links are listed below.

You are encouraged to consider some ways you can support this mission, with financial gifts as well as creative ways to make connections.  For example, St. Paul in Waverly is planning to have Ole Schenk speak at their Men’s Breakfast via Skype.  Pastor Gary Heidt-Johnson of Zion Lutheran in Waterloo is working with Meredith Massey to develop a pen pal program with Zion’s Sunday School class to help kids in Hungary learn English.  What are some ways you can get involved?

BREAKING NEWS!  Plans are underway for a TWEETCHAT with our YAGMs in Hungary!  Stay tuned for more info!

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