The New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program 

New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program with Guest Leader Guide & CD-ROM: Revised Edition Paperback is available from retailers for under $25.00 
Released in 2007 the “new edition” of Herb Miller’s “Consecration Sunday” materials isn’t so new anymore but it is still a very effective tool for deepening faith through spiritual growth by teaching giving as a response to God’s love, and part of our worship. 

 Here is How it Works 

The campaign requires a guest leader who conducts an initial meeting with the steering committee, the a special Leadership Event for church council members and other church leaders, and finally the Consecration Sunday worship services and a presentation of the results at the Celebration Meal. Members of the congregation are recruited to share their testimonies on why it’s important to them to give to Christ through the Church and how it impacts their life of faith. 

The congregation is responsible for: 

  • 3 mailings – 2 letters to the total congregation and 1 letter to leaders in the church 
  • 3 announcements by laity for the 3 weeks prior to Consecration Sunday 
  • Making phone calls to invite those who haven’t made a reservation for the Celebration 
  • Consecration Sunday Celebration Meal A stewardship sermon by the pastor on the week prior to Consecration Sunday 
  • Preparing a step-chart that outlines the number of giving units at each level of giving during the previous 12 months 
  • Planning a meal or special refreshments for the Leadership Event held on the Sunday or Monday prior to Consecration Sunday 

Congregations will be tempted to take short cuts, to lighten the load of Miller’s formula but this is always a huge mistake.  The Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program is almost always a very big success even when use 2-3 years in row if followed to the letter.

Pastor Mark Anderson, Assistant to the Bishop

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